Good Morning, Tribal-ISAC. The following FSLTT items have been posted.

-(U--FOUO) NDB - Malicious Domains Associated with APT Spear-Phishing Campaign 02222021
- MS-ISAC: Malware IPs and Domains observed by MS-ISAC - 2/15/21 - 2/22/21 - TLP: GREEN (Excel doc, not posted, may be accessed via MS-ISAC or sent to members directly upon request)

-FEMA National Situation Report 02-23-21 (0300 ET)
- CISA Commercial Routing Assistnace_FactSheet_TLPWHITE, 2/22/2021

- FOUO, No Credible Threats Associated with 4 March Events in the JRIC AOR, CA Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC), 2/21/2021