Good Afternoon, Tribal-ISAC! Your FSLTT+ update includes:

- FLASH-MI-000148-MW, “APT Actors Exploiting Fortinet Vulnerabilities to Gain Access for Malicious Activity”
- FEMA National Situation Report 05-27-21 (0300 ET)
- CISA_Pipeline-Security-Initative_TLPWHITE, 5/26/2021
- (U FOUO) NCTC Counterterrorism Weekly - 20210526
- (U) NCTC CT Weekly Digest - 20210526
- H-ISAC Weekly Blog -- Hacking Healthcare -- TLP White. This week, Hacking Healthcare takes a long look at the recent cyberattacks perpetrated against the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) and Irish Department of Health. We break down what exactly happened, why the Irish government is being lauded for its response, the impact the attack had on healthcare services, and why refusal to pay is unlikely to be a silver bullet for ransomware. Finally, we examine some new comments from US national security figures on a possible approach to a national breach notification law, and we detail two of the hurdles to the creation of such a single, federal breach notification standard.  Welcome back to Hacking Healthcare.

More informational/awareness:
- CISA_Cyber_VDP Platform Fact Sheet_TLPWHITE, 5/27/2021
- CISA_Cyber-Security Operations Fact Sheet_TLPWHITE, 5/26/2021